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Organic food, skincare and clothing were for many years, written off as a ‘fad’.

I must admit, I was an 'organic sceptic' until I had my children. I found they developed rashes very easily, often from something seemingly innocent such as sun cream, designed to protect or from washing powder, designed to keep things clean and bacteria free.

 Both big SS and little SS have had bouts of eczema over the years. Thankfully never as severe as some poor children suffer. I have been on a seven year quest to find a sun cream that doesn’t bring them out in a terrible rash. After trying pretty much every single well known sensitive skin brand under the sun (excuse the pun) I discovered a brand called Green People Organic Children which has kept my children sun protected and so far, rash free. Hallelujah!


When I started to look into why all of these well-known skin and sun care brands had caused my little ones skin to react so badly, while the organic brand hadn't, I was shocked to read that most of the ingredients in baby and children skincare products are almost entirely synthetic. Chemicals, such as orthophosphates, endosulfan, and methamidophos can cause skin irritation and rashes, not to mention the fact that almost 60% of what we put on our babies’ skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.


Baby skin is more delicate and sensitive so organic is ideal for its softest cotton clothing, chemical free fabrics and the purest, natural toiletries.

Babies have a higher ratio of skin surface area to body volume, which means they absorb chemicals easier. Their skin is actually 30 percent thinner than adults’, too. It’s this skin concept that leaves baby especially open to absorbing harmful additives and synthetic chemicals that are used in skincare and also often sprayed on large-scale commercially produced fabrics that aren’t of organic origin.

 Babies have delicate skin

The Simply Small Co stocks a number of Organic clothing brands and we recently became a stockist of Mia & Dom Skincare for Mother and Baby. Founded by Yorkshire mum, Jennifer Feltham after she had struggled to find an over the counter eczema treatment for her son, Jen started to do her research into natural remedies and ingredients and made her own! The Soothing Skin Salve is now one of the best sellers in the range, soothing many skin conditions, acting as a nappy balm and is also used by many mamas for dry skin or chapped lips.

Jennifer says: “Our Skin absorbs whatever we apply to it therefore we should be concerned about the products we use for ourselves and our children.  We choose ingredients to help soothe eczema, nappy rash, stretch marks and morning sickness.”

Typically, commercial products contain mineral and other petroleum based ingredients like liquid paraffin. These oils are occlusive, they block the skins natural eliminative process for several days as well as drying out the skin.

The Mia and Dom Skincare products contain natural ingredients such as lavender, coco butter, calendula and beeswax. The Duchess of Cambridge was even sent some of the morning sickness balm to help ease the severe sickness she suffered throughout all of her pregnancies.


Organic doesn’t just extend to skincare. Organic cotton is a natural fibre which is much softer than conventional cotton. This is because the fibres have not been broken down by harsh chemicals and pesticides. Using organic cotton benefits both cotton producers and the environment by avoiding these harmful chemicals. 


You can feel the difference in the fabric of the organic cotton brands we stock. The material of our Little Cotton Clothes dresses and Toby Tiger cotton sleepsuits feel much softer and luxurious to the non-organic brands.

Simple, organic and natural ingredients are always the best idea for young delicate skin. A newborn baby needs time to let their skin develop its own protective barrier. Would you consider switching to organic clothing and skincare? Or are you already an organic convert? Tell us in the comments below.

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The Simply Small Life Blog is a behind the scenes look at what goes into running an independent children's retailer. Written by Nat SS a North East Mam (#notamumpreneur) of two who founded and runs The Simply Small Co. All opinions are her own. Copyright of The Simply Small Co.

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