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#tbt change happiness the newcastle store this time last year

Woah Facebook timehop just got me right in the feels..... Reminding me this time last year I left my very well paid, comfortable if a bit monotonous day job to work on The Simply Small Co full time. My lovely work colleagues decorated my desk as a parting gift. I miss them like mad. Office bantz was the best 😁

My old office

Prior to that, I had been working and trying to get my business off the ground and it just wasn't working. I couldn't do my job, run the business and be a good wife and mother. I was failing on all counts and losing my mind.

So my husband (my biggest supporter) encouraged me to take the leap. I didn't really have a plan ( still don't if I'm honest). Now my 'work colleagues' are customers and my fellow traders in Newcastle's Grainger Market. People from all walks of life, no two days are the same. Nobody tells me what to do, gives me a deadline or tells me 'you can't do that, it's not the right procedure'. I AM in charge.

Was it worth it? Emotionally yes. Financially? Not yet! Time will tell. Has it worked out the way I thought it would? Nope, it's full of curve balls the main one being opening the little shop to run along with the online element of the business. Me, a shop girl?! That was never my intention.

What I have learned this past year is. If you don't like something, change it. I worked for 9 years in my last job and spent the last 3 years, really not enjoying it. My old work colleagues tell me they miss me but I bet they don't miss my Monday grumps and constant moaning. I was just taking a wage because it was 'cushy' and I could work part-time around my family. I'm not saying you have to jack your job in and start your own business. Just change something, anything! Because it's not going to get better on its own. You won't suddenly wake up one day and find a bad situation suddenly happy unless you change something in it.

I'm not afraid of change anymore. I was always worried about what others would think of me (still am a bit) but if something makes me unhappy or I'm not digging something. I know now that I won't be afraid to change it. Because at least I tried.

N x


The Simply Small Life Blog is a behind the scenes look at what goes into running an independent children's retailer. Written by Nat SS a North East Mam (#notamumpreneur) of two who founded and runs The Simply Small Co. All opinions are her own. Copyright of The Simply Small Co.

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  • Gemma on

    Well done for your first year a d congratulations on taking the leap. I’m very much in apposition where I would love to be my own boss but have a cushy full time job. It brings in a wage but it’s not who I want to be. I love writing and being creative and seeing people like yourself have the confidence and drive to make it happens is truly inspirational. Thank you – I needed to read this right now. Best of luck in your venture xx

  • Sam | North East Family Fun on

    Yeah! Congratulations on your first year, I think with self employment it’s a constant learning curve and never boring but always exciting!

  • Rachel Kershaw on

    Time flies when you’re having fun! I recently went part time to give me more freedom to focus on some freelance opportunities and although it was/is scary the early signs are telling me that I did the right thing! Sometimes you just have to feel the fear!

  • Aimie on

    Well done you for taking the leap. It’s definitely something my husband and I have been talking about. Life is too short not to try something isn’t it. So pleased everything is working out and you are enjoying your venture.

  • Angela Reed on

    Time flies when you’re having fun (working hard)! I’ve been self-employed for four years now and I do to think I’d have it any other way. I hope you’ve found a better balance in the last year.

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