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It’s been an eventful week at SS HQ. Packing up lots of lovely orders. Our Spring/Summer collection has been flying out, mainly lots of customers buying Easter presents and outfits for their little ones. It has reminded me of Easter when I was little. We would always go to the fair on Good Friday, dressed in our best clothes, bought for us by our grandparents and then for fish and chips. The weather was always lovely. There were never any rainy bank holidays back then. Or at least that’s how I remember it. It was a simpler time :)

Easter these days with big SS and little SS in tow is far more stressfuL. This week has been mostly about the last minute panic of creating something spectacular for the school and nursery egg competitions. My Facebook newsfeed has been full of very impressive eggs created by the parents some extremely talented pre-school and primary age children. I was feeling very proud of our spider-web masterpiece featuring Mr and Mrs SkinnyEggs the spiders. I was sure we were onto a winner...until I took them into nursery and witnessed some of the other creations. There was an astronaut space scene, a very hungry caterpillar and a nest full of dinosaur eggs all cracking open. We can kiss goodbye to that award I think.

Big SS had to take two boiled eggs into school to paint in class all by himself. Phew the pressure was off. We went into school today for the annual Easter Fair, which mostly involved me having my eyes ripped out at every tombola stall, collecting all manner of tat and then we had to guess the name of the giant stuffed Easter Bunny (pray to God we don’t win that prize) and finally into the hall to view all of the eggs in the competition. My absolute favourite entry was ‘Br-egg-sit’ featuring Nicola Sturgeon and Teresa May. Absolute genius!

Here’s a picture of it: *Credit anonymous child at my son's Primary School.

There were lots of cute chicks and bunny designs too. Meanwhile, Big SS had concocted his own alternative superhero universe which was basically a box painted like the bowels of hell and two eggy hero characters called ‘Death’ and ‘Black Man’ I didn’t take a picture of it. But I am expecting a call from the educational psychologist any day now.

Joking aside, it was a lovely event full of festive Easter fun. We also had the Easter school concert this week at the local church. The children performed some hymns and played instruments. Our absolute fave was this little ditty (I’d never heard it before but now I can’t get it out of my head). It went like this…

God’s not dead, NO! (Air punch)


God’s not dead, NO! (Air punch)


God’s not dead, NO! (Air punch)


He’s in my hands (clap clap)

He’s in my feet (stamp stamp)

He’s in my heart BOOM BOOM! (thump chest)

He’s in my soul WHEEEEEE! (jovial thumbs up gesture)

He is all over me.

It was fantastic. We all clapped (with our mouths slightly open).

Hope you all have a lovely Easter break. We’ll still be packing orders right up until Good Friday and then any orders made over Easter Weekend will be shipped out on Tuesday 18 April.

Nat SS X


The Simply Small Life Blog is a behind the scenes look at what goes into running an independent children's retailer. Written by Nat SS a North East Mam (#notamumpreneur) of two who founded and runs The Simply Small Co. All opinions are her own. Copyright of The Simply Small Co.

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  • Emily Railton on

    That song! Wish I’d been there! ?

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