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Look at these two. #Throwback photo to when Big SS was only 4 and Little SS was only 1.

Newcastle's River Tyne

This picture of them looking over the river in my home city proudly hangs on our wall at home. I'm going to get a bit sentimental here... They are by far my proudest achievement and I love them more than any words I can write down. My second proudest achievement is the Simply Small Co. Starting the business in 2016 while still working and then taking the plunge to leave work and open the shop a few months ago was the bravest thing I've ever done!

I never had a plan to be a small business owner. But after having the kids I realised that anything is possible. Plus, I was sick of hunting out clothes and gifts for them that were mass produced and every other kid had. I wanted something a bit different and the idea grew from there.

When you support a small business, you're supporting a dream, a dream that is bloody hard work at times!!!

This week has been particularly hard. It's been half-term and instead of spending time with my husband and kids, I've been working. 

Meeting customers and seeing their reaction makes my day. And the support I get from my friends and family is unreal. Having a lovely reaction from a customer in the shop is the best boost ever. Even better if they buy something or order something online! So when you're shopping, make a conscious purchase, don't go to the big brands and department stores. Shop small, shop local, shop independent. I know people like a bargain so by all means go to the discount stores for your essentials. I do!

But if you want something special, something from the heart, something not every other person has, Something handmade, something upcycled, something authentic... Support a small business because it will make the owner do a happy dance. I'm sure all of my small business owning friends would agree.

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  • catherine hooper on

    I think it’s tough no matter what job you decide to do. so pleased the happy customers make it worthwhile though!

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