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Big SS has lost four teeth in recent months. I was begining to think he would never lose his baby teeth as he's seven and only lost his first one in March. Many of his classmates began losing theirs in reception class.

Anyway, I got my wish and now they're falling out at a rate of knots! Except that pesky tooth fairy keeps forgetting to come!

 We were all very excited when the first one came out. He wrote a letter and put his tiny tooth in a little bag. The tooth fairy left £1 (she is not one of those tooth fairies who is falling into the trap of leaving a fiver each time, that's for sure).

Tooth Fairy

The very next week he lost another tooth! Put it under his pillow, but the fairy forgot to come and collect it. You can imagine our horror as he burst through our bedroom door saying. "Mammy she hasn't been??!"

I managed to get away with that one by saying. "Did you leave a note?" "Nope" he said. "Well that's why then. You have to leave a note." Phew, crisis averted and she came the next night and even left a nice reply.

Tooth number three went missing under his pillow. That was fun for the fairy trying to dig around to find it at 11pm at night. Yesterday tooth number four came out, along with lots of blood.

The note was written, he went to sleep, Must. not. forget. to...zzzzzzzzzz

Cue 5.45am, the littlest SS bursts in stomping around asking for the toilet. "Shhhhhh you'll wake your brother u.... arghh". I jump up, grab a pound coin and sneak in. He's still asleep phew. Must. not. wake. him. up.... I manage to get the money under the pillow and find the tooth but no chance I can leave a reply to his note.

Twenty minutes later he comes in. "Mam, Dad! The tooth fairy has been. But she must have only just arrived because I woke up at half four to check. It was light outside and she hadn't been then." "Oh really son. She must have had a really busy night and you must have been last on the list. Glad she came though."

*Note to self* Take a tooth fairy cushion home and try to remember to not be such a bad mam in future. 

Tooth Blast Off Cushion

Have you had any tooth fairy disasters? What have been your excuses if she has forgotten to visit? ADD YOUR COMMENTS BELOW.

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