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Is it just me....

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Am I the only person in this house who can ever...

find anything?

see things on the stairs that need picked up and taken up?

notice the wet towels on the floor and put them on the radiator?

smell when the bin needs changing?

wee in the toilet and not all over the seat or the floor?

not leave me tea/juice/milk cup on the floor/table/upside down on the sofa?

Silly question, of course its only me! Why is it that men can never find anything? I read a really interesting article once that said it's because men have a different visual range to women. They have vision akin to tunnel vision which means to see things around them they need to turn their heads more. Whereas a woman can survey a room 180 degrees without even turning her head. This apparently also explains why men are really crap at checking someone out without them noticing. It also apparently explains why my husband can't notice the massive pile of washing at the top of the stairs, pick it up and put it in the washing machine! Grrr* I'm not too sure how much scientific merit was in that article, but the fact that there seemed to be some science behind it, gave me a little comfort. As for the wee, cups, bin. Your guess is as good as mine.

#mamproblems #welcometomyworld #rantover  


Is it just me


  *Disclaimer, my husband is a massive help around the house, does all the cooking and shopping, mows the lawns. I'm putting in this disclaimer in, just in case he reads this blog post and goes in a huff. Love you darling, mwah xxx



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