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As we hear the news that Prince William will be on best man duties at Harry and Meghan's wedding and we wait with baited breath to hear what the newborn Prince will be named, I'm FAR more concerned with the question:

"How the heck is the Duchess of Cambridge going to tackle going to the wedding of the year when she is only three weeks postpartum?”

 Royal Baby Lindo Wing

As Catherine stood on the steps of the Lindo Wing looking radiant, cradling her gorgeous newborn wearing heels (!!!) and without so much as a limp or an eye bag in sight, it might have be easy to declare “Oh she makes it look so easy” and “She will have lots of help” (which of course she will).

But as the euphoria of the birth subsides, the milk comes in, the sleeplessness takes its toll and the hormones hit, attending a wedding with a newborn baby will be a daunting prospect even for royalty. 

The much anticipated wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle takes place on Saturday 19 May. Catherine will no doubt breeze through it, aided by a support network of household staff and her own family but I'm sure that behind the scenes she will be feeling the strain. The key will be organisation, help and not putting too much pressure on herself. Here are some thoughts that will no doubt be top of every new mum's mind for surviving a wedding postnatal style.



It is believed that Catherine chooses to breastfeed her babies although there has never been any 'official' word on this. It would be lovely to think that she could do what millions of breastfeeding mothers do and simply feed her baby wherever and whenever she wants to as and when the baby needs to be fed. Even if that means in the middle of a wedding.

But I suspect that Royal protocol deems this a more private matter. The simple solution would be -  keep the baby with the nanny? Kate and Will are known to be quite hands-on parents and we all know that newborn babies, especially breastfed ones can’t really be away from their mothers for any more than a few hours. Plus, at only three weeks old the little Prince will be feeding on demand so a nanny is not really a fool proof option.

I’m sure that Catherine and William will be hoping the baby will sleep through the ceremony. But things don’t always go according to plan where new babies are concerned so she may express milk to bottle feed the baby on the day.

Of course, the same stresses do apply with bottle fed babies, it can be a big juggle making sure you’ve packed all of the necessary things required to formula feed and have access to sterilised water etc.….

Then there’s the inevitable drama of burping and reflux. Plenty of muslin squares should be packed to ensure both baby and mammy don’t have their wedding outfits ruined. We stock some gorgeous large muslin swaddles in our Newcastle store which look stylish, help to stop milky sick going on gorgeous wedding outfits and can be used as a cover to feed your baby discretely.



Figure wise, the Duchess of Cambridge is very slight and has managed to snap back into shape fairly easily with her previous two pregnancies (sickening eh?). So while the rest of us would barely be out of our pyjamas at that stage, Catherine would undoubtedly have a string of flattering outfit options at her disposal. She may have even considered a dress design with easy access, should she need to breastfeed her baby. It may be that Kate has instructed whoever is making her wedding outfit to consider how she will nurse the baby in the dress design.

For the rest of us, maternity wear designer Isabella Oliver make a gorgeous range of nursing dresses which are suitable for weddings and occasions. Such as this ever Duchess of Cambridge-esque number.

Isabella Oliver Nursing Dress



As Prince George and Princess Charlotte are more than likely going to be dressed in page boy and flower girl attire, I wonder if the new prince will have a coordinating outfit?

I love our crisp white linen occasion romper which is perfect for weddings and christenings but make sure some spare neutral sleepsuits are also packed so that baby is warm and comfortable.

Linen Occassion Romper

Even if he is dressed in something as simple as a plain white sleepsuit or romper, one thing that is crucial is packing A LOT of spare outfits in the changing bag. Whether you’re royalty or not, new babies do a lot of milky sick and poop explosions are always a regular feature.



It’s likely that Catherine and William will be surviving on minimal sleep just three weeks in. The stress of dealing with a newborn, two children under five, the pressure of the world looking at them while still probably feeling a bit emotional and trying to adjust to life as a family of five is all a bit overwhelming! Kate may just want to hide away.

While being mindful of ensuring Harry and Meghan have the best day, I hope that a room has been set aside at Windsor Castle so that throughout the proceedings the family can have some quiet time and hopefully a nap!

If you’re attending a wedding with a newborn then it might be best to make your excuses and leave early after the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Or maybe even retire to your hotel room for a well-deserved sleep if that is an option.


Have you survived a wedding with a newborn, baby or toddler? We would love to hear about your experience and tips for making it less stressful. Comment below.

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